Elan Group Celebrates 11 Years of Reshaping Skylines and Redefining Luxury Living

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Elan Group, a leading force in Indian real estate, celebrates 11 years of reshaping skylines and redefining luxury living. Their steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and trust has been the foundation upon which Elan has built a portfolio of iconic projects. Over the past decade, Elan Group has redefined luxury living and commercial/retail spaces through innovative designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. This customer-centric approach prioritizes open communication, transparency, and integrity, ensuring a seamless experience for clients and building a loyal customer base. The company has consistently built a sterling reputation by exceeding expectations and delivering on promises. Their focus on creating unique and iconic projects sets them apart in the competitive market. By pushing the boundaries of architectural design and incorporating innovative concepts, Elan Group has consistently delivered projects that have left a lasting impression.
Commenting on the success, Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, Chairman, Elan Group said, “Our passion for excellence and vision to create iconic spaces that redefine luxury and innovation have driven us for the past eleven years. We are deeply grateful to our customers, associates and team members who have been integral to this remarkable journey. In the last decade, we have redefined the Indian real estate landscape with our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to transforming the commercial realty sector and leaving a lasting legacy with iconic developments.”

Elan’s journey began with Elan Mercado in Gurugram, introducing high-street retail and service apartments – a project later recognized with the coveted ‘Iconic Project of the Year Award’ in 2020. This success was followed by a series of theme-based projects: Elan Town Centre with its colonial architecture on Main Sohna Road, and Elan Miracle at Dwarka Expressway which was designed by world-renowned designers UHA London. Elan’s entry into luxury real estate with Elan Epic marked a significant milestone. This project, India’s first luxury retail destination, positioned Elan as a revolutionary force and garnered prestigious awards like ‘Best Launch of the Year’ and ‘Most Promising Shopping Centre’ in 2021.

Elan Group’s resilience shone during the global pandemic as they ensured continued support for customers and employees. Launched Elan Vision 2021, and unveiled new luxury retail destinations with one-of-a-kind projects like Elan Paradise and Elan Empire. Their diversification into ultra-luxury residential real estate with The Presidential further underscored Elan’s commitment to growth and innovation. Elan’s most recent launch, the first luxury mall in Gurugram—Elan Imperial, designed by BENOY and crafted with expertise from consultants like WET, CD+M, and SWA, signifies a global concept and marks a new chapter. This project, along with each previous milestone, contributes to the company’s pioneering vision of transforming Indian commercial realty. Beyond commercial success, Elan Group is committed to social responsibility. The Elan Foundation is actively engaged in several impactful initiatives such as adopting flood-stricken Khidrapur Village and participating in the restoration of Kopeshwar Temple. Additionally, it implements diverse programs supporting the well-being of children, youth, the elderly, fostering environmental conservation and enriching societal welfare.

Elan Group is led by a seasoned leadership team with extensive experience across real estate segments. Founded by Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, whose decades of expertise in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects laid the groundwork for the company’s success. Today, the company is driven forward by second-generation leaders, Mr. Ravish Kapoor, Managing Director, Elan Group, and Mr. Akash Kapoor, Director, Elan Group, driving the brand to unprecedented success. Their innovative strategies and forward-thinking approach are reshaping the landscape of the industry, taking the Elan Group to new levels of prominence and excellence. Together, this dynamic trio fosters a collaborative and driven work culture, paving the way for Elan Group’s continued success.

With a strong foundation of over 7000 happy customers and a prospective investment of Rs 10,000 crores in planned future projects, Elan Group is poised to build on its legacy of excellence and innovation. As it celebrates 11 years, its unwavering commitment to customer service and architectural ingenuity continues to set new benchmarks in the industry.

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