Easyrewardz Launches World’s First E2E B2C Focussed Unified CRM Stack for Brands Across Verticals to Offer Connected CX

Easyrewardz, India’s leading end-to-end CLM & Loyalty solution provider has unveiled their end-to-end CRM stack, named Zence, a combination of products which help brands offer a connected customer experience – from Acquisition to Retention. The suite unifies Lead Management, Loyalty Program, Campaign Management, Ticket Management, Feedback Management, Customer Data Platform + Insights.

Soumya Chatterjee, Co-founder & CEO, Easyrewardz along with other Co-founders unveiled Zence on 15th Edition of The Customer Fest Show 2022, Presented by Easyrewardz.

Creating connected and consistent customer experiences is still a challenge for businesses. Zence CRM stack helps make CX function-agnostic by offering connected experiences. It should not appear like that one is in conversation with five different brands while interacting with a business via five different touchpoints. Everything should be connected to deliver a seamless experience across all channels,” said Soumya Chatterjee, Co-founder & CEO, Easyrewardz.

Zence helps brands orchestrate an End-to-End CX strategy. The CRM suite encompasses – Lead Management System to capture, nurture, track & manage leads, Loyalty Program to grow customer base, engage & retain users, Campaign Management to craft campaign strategy and deliver relevant content, Ticket Management to manage VoC through multiple channels by converting them into trackable tickets, Feedback Management to use VoC to get full visibility into customer’s sentiments, Analytics Suite to create a 360-degree view with Customer Data Platform, predict the next best action and improve retention with data-driven insights.

Consumers expect businesses to anticipate their needs and address them proactively. Customer Data Platform is the brain that powers all our products – putting customer insights at every stage to provide personally meaningful experience. Leveraging the power of customer data science is essential to elevate customer experience,” added Soumya.

Easyrewardz co-founders also presented a strategy guide, in addition to Zence Launch during #CFest2022 – CONNECTED CRM – The Building Blocks for Customer Engagement & Retention. The comprehensive guide is packed full of expert tips, great insights & use-cases for brands seeking a solution to elevate CX.

About Easyrewardz

Easyrewardz is an industry-agnostic cloud-based CRM & Loyalty platform that enables a seamless omnichannel customer experience. The company’s Customer Data Platform empowers deeper customer engagement and enables Single View of Customer.

More than 170 brands including Bata, PVR, The Body Shop, RBL, Bajaj Finance Limited, Senco, Ritu Kumar and Motherhood Hospitals have trusted Easyrewardz to deliver personalized customer experiences, build brand affinity and drive incremental sales.

To read more about Easyrewardz product suite & solutions and for latest updates & industry insights, please visit

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