Easy Steps to Purify Indoor Air with Samsung Air Purifier


Breathe pure air with Samsung AX46 and AX32 Air Purifier s, thoughtfully designed with a one-button control that removes 99.97% nano-sized particles, ultrafine dust, bacteria and allergens. These Air Purifier s address consumers’ concerns about bad quality room air that includes gases, dust, chemicals, and various odors with cutting-edge purification capabilities.

The latest line-up covers a wider area of up to 645 sq ft, making these Air Purifier s the perfect choice for master bedrooms, fitness studios, hospital rooms and other large spaces.

Here we’ll walk through the easy steps to set up Samsung Air Purifiers:

1. Unbox & Place Your Air Purifier

When you unbox your Air Purifier , remove the packing material. Then remove the back panel and the pre-filter, deodorization filter, and dust-collecting filter. Lastly, place your fingers in the grooves at the top of the rear panel to remove the filters and slide them out individually. Unwrap the filters.

Once you are settled, try to place the Air Purifier at least 18 inches from the wall and any furniture, ideally near the midpoint of your room.

2. Connect to SmartThings

For a connected living experience, you can control your Air Purifier’s functions using the SmartThings app.

• Make sure the Air Purifier is turned on. Press the power button, if needed
• Open the SmartThings app on your phone. You’ll usually see a pop-up message once the device has been found. Tap add now
• Or, you can manually add the device. Tap the devices tab, then tap add (the plus sign), and then tap add device
• Tap by brand, then tap Samsung and then tap Air Purifier
• Select your device

3. Create A Schedule for The Air Purifier

You can set up a schedule auto turn on and off option, as per your convenience.
• Tap Schedule, and then tap Add (the plus sign)
• Tap the drop-down menu in the upper left corner and then select either Turn on or Turn off
• Select your desired settings, such as the time and weekday, and then click on Done
• Repeat these steps to make additional schedules for when the Air Purifier turns on or off

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