Doconchain decentralized network to turn copyrights and licenses into blockchain and NFT managed assets.

Singapore, Singapore Jun 22, 2021 ( – Doconchain SG PTE LTD, a leading global decentralized network for entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists and creators announced that it has built and launched ‘DOC copyright’, on its network, a new service to register original works and evidence on a decentralized blockchain ledger with a timestamp and to automatically create a bcNFT (blockchain copyright NFT) to help manage, transfer and track rights and licenses attached to the copyright.

Doconchain also announces that it has developed an option allowing artists and creators to tokenize their intellectual property in order to onboard investors who can own a part of the copyright.

Doconchain uses unique methods with its paperless solutions DOC sign © (a new generation of trusted digital signature blockchain and NFT managed) and DOC Passport © (which allows access to both an audit trail with document events recorded on the blockchain ledger and verifiable elements), to secure the recording of the original work and evidence in an immutable ledger in accordance with the protection of international law.

The new solution which associates copyright with an NFT makes it much easier to commercialize original works and track licensed use. Doconchain already uses NFT to secure signatures on documents and now the transfer of copyright but it is just a start as the Company considers that having an immutable record of ownership minted onto a blockchain has the potential to also have an impact on industries linked to the transfer of tangible assets.

DOC Copyright allows entrepreneurs, artists and creators to use eight different categories ranging from visual art and music to technology and literary, to access a solution adapted to their industry. The service enables to register the work and the evidence, determine the rights and manage the distribution and the licenses while benefiting from the tamper-proof NFT technology to transfer the copyright to a new owner via a bcNFT which can’t be duplicated or replicated.

Doconchain also announces the launch, next month, of an API version of DOC Copyright that can be integrated by NFT marketplaces allowing the bcNFT to be associated with a sold art NFT, with the goal to authenticate the original’s work owner and to transfer the IP and rights to the buyer.

“A mobile application will also be available soon in Google and Apple stores,” said Kevin Abestilla one of the founders.  He added “The combination of copyright with blockchain and NFT will be a game-changer in proving ownership and commercializing digital assets. We want to be a pioneer by offering a simple solution accessible even for those not yet blockchain savvy”.

With thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers already on the network, launched in beta in January 2021, the Company continues to expand its product portfolio with DOC Copyright that comes after DOC Paperless a suite of solutions blockchain protected to safely go paperless. Blockchain authenticated network participants can now securely connect to prepare, manage, sign and share tamper-proof documents and assets while maintaining full control over their data.

About Doconchain

Doconchain SG PTE LTD is a Singapore based Company providing paperless solutions that take advantage of the blockchain and NFT technologies, to facilitate and secure the management, exchange and traceability of digital documents, assets and data. The company’s vision is to support users in adopting sustainable governance and a reduced carbon footprint.  The aim of the company is to create a decentralized network for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creators to safely connect and exchange documents and assets, growing their businesses via secure peer to peer network relations. The Company’s solutions, under its Enterprise division, are already trusted by enterprises and institutions in different industries such as finance, insurance, supply chain, advertising and real estate.

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