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COVID – 19 Vaccination Update – Day 424

India’s cumulative vaccination coverage crosses 180.58 Crore. More than 16 lakh Vaccine doses administered today till 7 pm

India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage has crossed 180.58 Crore (1,80,58,30,502) today. More than 16 lakh (16,54,073Vaccine Doses have been administered till 7 pm today. More than 2.14 Crore (2,14,59,117) Precaution Doses for the identified categories of beneficiaries (HCWs, FLWs and Over 60 years) for COVID vaccination have been administered so far. The daily vaccination tally is expected to increase with the compilation of the final reports for the day by late tonight.

The cumulative coverage of vaccine doses, segregated based on population priority groups, is as follows:

Cumulative Vaccine Dose Coverage
HCWs 1st Dose 10402785
2nd Dose 9987140
Precaution Dose 4331460
FLWs 1st Dose 18411776
2nd Dose 17482144
Precaution Dose 6601065
Age Group 15-18 years 1st Dose 56032467
  2nd Dose 34687314
Age Group 18-44 years 1st Dose 553547330
2nd Dose 457297088
Age Group 45-59 years 1st Dose 202569106
2nd Dose 183223293
Over 60 years 1st Dose 126614623
2nd Dose 114116319
Precaution Dose 10526592
Cumulative 1st dose administered 967578087
Cumulative 2nd dose administered 816793298
Precaution Dose 21459117
Total 1805830502


Today’s achievement in the vaccination exercise, segregated by population priority groups, is as follows:

Date: 15th March, 2022 (424th Day)
HCWs 1st Dose 38
2nd Dose 1138
Precaution Dose 9195
FLWs 1st Dose 132
2nd Dose 1797
Precaution Dose 17474
Age Group 15-18 years 1st Dose 58628
  2nd Dose 347898
Age Group 18-44 years 1st Dose 82631
2nd Dose 759822
Age Group 45-59 years 1st Dose 12238
2nd Dose 177325
Over 60 years 1st Dose 8506
2nd Dose 111904
Precaution Dose 65347
Cumulative 1st dose administered 162173
Cumulative 2nd dose administered 1399884
Precaution Dose 92016
Total 1654073


The vaccination exercise as a tool to protect the most vulnerable population groups in the country from COVID-19 continues to be regularly reviewed and monitored at the highest level.

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