Arkadia launches chai with benefits

Arkadia Beverages is excited to announce the launch of health and wellness boosting chai into Coles and Woolworths, hitting shelves in coming weeks.

Whether it is your breakfast beverage of choice, your afternoon pick me up to beat the 3:30-itus, or a sweet moment of indulgence for yourself when the house is quiet, there is exciting news brewing for Australian chai lovers this winter.

For the uninitiated, chai is a spiced, sweet milk tea originating from India, made with a blend of ground spices, black tea and condensed milk. This not so well-kept secret has exploded in popularity in Australia over the past 20 years and become a staple on café menus and in homes around the country. But what if you could have your chai indulgence and feel some extra benefits too?

Family owned brand Arkadia led the chai-arge bringing chai into Aussie homes as one of the first Australian made chai brands available in supermarkets, back when the biggest bug the world was concerned with was the millennium bug (we miss those days). More than 20 years on and determined to stay one step ahead of modern life, Arkadia Chai indulgence now comes with benefits.

Sweetened with monkfruit, the new range of functional chais are 99% sugar free, low in calories, and packed with ingredients to keep your mind and body feeling great.

Arkadia Chai Plus+ Collagen
Beauty from within, Arkadia Chai Plus+ Collagen is a true moment of indulgence, but with a sneaky dose of collagen for healthier hair, skin and nails. Each serves contains 5g of type I and III collagen, and is boosted with vitamins A and C, and probiotics to keep you glowing from within.

Arkadia Chai Plus+ Calming
Low caffeine and with adaptogens ashwagandha and amino acid L-theanine (extracted from tea leaves) Arkadia Chai Plus+ Calming could be your key to a better night’s sleep. With an abundance of carefully selected ingredients, each serve contains a blend of decaffeinated black tea, chamomile and mind calming adaptogens, plus prebiotic fibre and probiotics for a healthy gut.

Arkadia Chai Plus+ Immunity
Schools are back, offices are back, life is back, so ensure your immune system gets the support it needs from your daily cuppa. Arkadia Chai Plus+ Immunity is fortified with added vitamin C, zinc, iron, prebiotic fibre, probiotics and boosted with traditional ayurvedic spices turmeric, black pepper and ginger. It might not cure the millennium bug, but it might help your immune system out this winter.

To get your daily dose of Arkadia Chai Plus+, head into Coles in early May and following soon after in Woolworths in June 2022.

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