A Crate of Rags & Bones – New Riveting Thriller by L.A. Nolan Captivates Readers

Bestselling author L.A. Nolan unveiled his highly anticipated new book, “A Crate of Rags & Bones”. Master of creating suspense and captivating readers, Nolan had received international acclaim for his previous book “Blood and Brown Sugar” by securing awards from Ukiyoyo Publishing House (Best Emerging Author 2022), LitVoice Magazine (Best Fiction Author 2022) and the SRG Awards (Best Crime Fiction Novel) which had enthralled fans and critics alike. His new book comprises twenty dark tales that are a study in the human condition. Nolan adroitly tackles complex issues, which will keep readers thinking long after they have finished reading. The book is an impeccable confluence of breathless suspense horror and spine-chilling murder mystery.

L.A. Nolan – Author of the book – A Crate Of Rags & Bones

Talking about the idea behind this book Author expressed; “It has always been my intent to affect people with my writing. To leave them unsettled, spooked and even a little anxious. I am a great admirer of the outlaw writers, Hunter S. Thompson, Shirley Jackson, Jack Kerouac, and Edgar Allen Poe. Authors who write without fear. That is what I aspire to, and if I touch a few raw societal nerves along the way, so be it. As Stephen King famously said, ‘Fiction is the truth inside the lie.’ I’ve never been frightened by a lie, but truth, that scares me to death.”

Nolan’s inimitable writing makes every story a new experience for the readers. Each story is unique with yarns spun across multiple timelines, spanning numerous countries and continents to draw taut your tether to comfort and reality. From India to the New World and from Medieval Europe to Victorian England, Nolan explores cultures as his treasure trove of wonderful characters take readers from the dark ages to the dystopian future. Every tale has been crafted to perfection as they take readers on a journey across the inky black shroud of pure thrill and raw terror. A Crate of Rags & Bones is a seamless blend of human emotions that sheds light on the corruption that lies in the shadows of society. L.A. Nolan will keep you turning the pages as he narrates stories of loss and misfortune, of tragedy and crime.

Mid-event, Nolan read several passages from, While Horse and Hero Fell, Sour Apple Sunday, and Whispers from the Grave, tales contained within the collection. The storytelling left the listeners bone chilled and shivering, but absolutely craving more.

L.A. Nolan unveils his new book, “A Crate Of Rags & Bones”

The stellar book launch ceremony saw distinguished personalities and luminaries from a myriad of industries in attendance including India’s master of horror fiction Neil D’Silva, who called Nolan’s work un-put-down-able and assured the many attendees of the launch thatA Crate of Rags & Bones was destined to top India’s horror fiction charts quickly. Aashisha Chakraborty, a celebrated Rupa Publishing House author praised Nolan’s narrations and characters, calling them vivid and memorable. She marvelled at his ability to completely transport readers through prose and immerse them in his world. During the event, the author’s proud wife, Ruth Changsan Nolan who serves as the Chief Engineer in Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) shared her thoughts on the new book and said, “What fascinated me most about this new book was the gritty realism. All the stories have a foreboding sense of dread bubbling just below the surface. An unrelenting suspense that reaches a tipping point, but the crescendo does not let up until the climax. The book has a fast-paced narrative that explores the undiluted essence of human emotions in its purest distillations. Every story included in this book has been crafted with meticulous attention to details and evokes a sense of poignant familiarity with every protagonist. In the current Indian context, A Crate of Rags & Bones is very relevant and I am confident that this contemporary writing will strike a nerve with Indian audiences everywhere.”

Celebrated author L.A. Nolan, a Canadian known for his flamboyant and adventurous personality thanked the untiring support from wife, Ruth Nolan, as well as his innumerable well-wishers and ardent fans. The book launch was conducted through a virtual event party hosted by The Creative Circle. The interactive session was attended by guest speakers and guests from around the world including the Special Guest Neil D’Silva – India’s Master of Horror, Aashisha Chakraborty – Author, Preeti Nair Nayak – Author, Ananya Subramanian – Leadstart Publishing House, Niladri Shekhar Mitra – Author and Editor, Ruth Changsan Nolan – IRSE – Chief Engineer MRVC, and Sarvesh Kumar Tiwari, Founder & Managing Director – PR Professionals.

The ceremony concluded with a roaring reception, as everyone in attendance was introduced to the new book cover and a thrilling sneak-peek teaser specially edited by The Creative Circle.

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