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A Case For Parallel Heavens: Short Story AFTER HERE Reveals A Unique Take On The Afterlife

Former guidance counselor aims to offer comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one in a new book from Palmetto Publishing

Charleston, SC, Jan. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As a public school guidance counselor, Dave Wolffe has spent his career facilitating constructive conversations on the complexities of human interaction. From emotional upheavals to identifying ways to overcome life’s challenges, he has empowered students to work through their complicated feelings. He has even authored two books, one on anger management and one on conflict resolution, to provide children and young adults with practical strategies for social interaction. In his latest book, he takes on the intricacy of grief to help the bereaved. With grief, comes feelings of insecurity and uncertainty that can be overwhelming, and oftentimes, people are plagued with questions about the afterlife. Whether one believes in an afterlife or not, Mr. Wolffe feels an effective way to help those in mourning to come to terms with their loss is by believing in a happy ending for their loved one. 

In After Here, Dave Wolffe may have an answer for the eternal question, “Where do you go when you die?”. After a fatal automobile accident, main character Joe embarks on a new journey throughout heaven. Along the way, he meets with other people who have passed, some faces familiar, some not. But ultimately his mission is to find his wife who died one year earlier. In the end, readers can choose between one of three potential endings, each exploring a possible future for Joe. While addressing the seriousness of death and grief, the author allows readers to envision a place where their deceased loved ones are experiencing a peaceful existence, giving them a comforting image to hold onto. 

After Here is available for purchase online at Amazon.com

About the Author:

For over thirty years, Dave Wolffe was an educator and guidance counselor in the New York City public school system. He is the author of Peace: The Other Side of Anger, which is used in an anger management program he developed for and alongside teens and Settling the Unsettling: Understanding and Resolving Conflict, which he wrote for college students. He also served as an adjunct lecturer on conflict resolution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He currently resides in Connecticut.


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